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Kei Tua o te Kiri

Service Provider Trainings

A three day course for social service providers, early childhood educators and leaders working with tamariki, whānau and communities in February 2022.

Wā/times: November 1-3 

​Wāhi/place: Hauraki TBC

You will leave this course with fresh perspectives and practical strategies to apply in your daily work, to advance whānau well-being.


Come and explore:

  • How do we contribute to making Aotearoa NZ the best place in the world for children?

  • How can we activate healing engagement with whānau and children from a base of our culturally sustaining stories and strengths?

  • How do we move beyond a focus on behaviour change towards an empathy-based approach, connecting with feelings and needs?

  • What is the practice change we need to see and be?

We will be drawing from te ao Māori and incorporating reo Māori throughout the course to hold tikanga and to provide insights into cultural wisdom. Explanations will be provided to ensure understanding.

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